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Mike Brubaker
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Musical Dyspepsia

08 July 2016

Some music makes beautiful art,
evoking passions from the tragic to the sublime.

While other music disturbs the senses
and distresses the listener
with a ridiculously
disconcerting pain.

“Make it stop!
Please, just make it stop!”

Three musicians
a cornetist, a violinist, and a guitarist
demonstrate a musical style rarely seen
in vintage photos — Musical Comedy.
The two men are dressed
in classic clown costumes.
The young woman holds a guitar
that has been modified
with extra bass strings
to make a harp guitar.
The clown on the left
may have a specialty instrument
called an echo cornet
which features a mute attachment
hidden on the far side of the bell. 
They were known as the

Trio Crescendo
Comiques Virtuosos.

A comic act of
the French musical hall tradition.

Their postcard has no date
but the style is similar
to other theatrical photos
from the 1910 decade.
The photographer's florid mark
it difficult to read,
perhaps Boisdon,  Paris.

Music charms with laughter too.

This is my contribution to Sepia Saturday
where the man on the street always has the last word.


La Nightingail said...

The harp guitar is rather interesting. I've never seen nor heard of such a thing. Now I'm curious to know what it sounds like! :)

Wendy said...

The one in the middle reminds me of Harpo Marx.

Kristin said...

I think the one in the middle is singing. Ack!

anyjazz said...

I have never see a harp guitar. Thanks! And, is it just the perspective or isn't that a rather long violin bow?

Barbara Rogers said...

Great to see this act, rather than hear it!

Jo Featherston said...

I tried to comment previously but it doesn't seem to have worked, but what I said was to the same effect as Kristin. Whatever noise that fellow was making must have been distracting if anyone was trying to appreciate the music!

Little Nell said...

Strange yes, but let’s not forget that tradition arises because it’s appreciated by the masses.No doubt the audience would have laughed - until the tears ran down their cheeks!

Tattered and Lost said...

I LOVE this photo! It's wonderful. And I immediately thought of Bill Irwin when I saw the first image. I have always adored him.

Jodi Lynn Strait said...

I'm with Tattered and Lost, I love the photo. So much going on in it with the facial expressions and body language.

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

That would be your face if I tried to sing :) Amusing photo.

Titania Staeheli said...

I guess the clowns always steal the show especially when there is music as well. the one in the middle plays his dyspepsia part rather well.


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