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Mike Brubaker
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Shamrocks, Pigs, and Posthorns!

22 December 2018

If there's anything luckier than
a cheery postman with his posthorn
brandishing a giant four-leaf clover,

it is one astride a galloping pig
who spills his cards and letters
while dropping gold coins.

Prosit Neujahr! 1900
Cheers for the New Year!

This fanciful postman made his frolicking ride
on the 30th of December 1899
from Leoben, a Styrian city in central Austria
to a Frau Oberstleutnant ~ Mrs. Lieutenant Colonel
Fany von Fabriesi(?) of Graz in Austria.

This is my contribution to Sepia Saturday
where I wish everyone the best of good luck
and abundant happiness in the new year.


Barbara Rogers said...

Thanks Mike...and the best of wishes for you and your loved ones for the holidays and the New Year!

La Nightingail said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! The postcard is great. I have to wonder, though, at the real postmen trying to read some of the older handwriting. We think some of the handwriting we see today is difficult to decipher, but the 1800s handwriting ain't easy either. I'm supposing one of the reasons for that is because they were using pens dipped in ink wells. I sometimes use a fountain pen and even that is a little hard to control.

Mollys Canopy said...

Great postcard! This would work for St. Patrick's day, too. Happy Holiday and New Year to you and yours. Look forward to more of your fantastic posts in 2019!

Kathy Morales said...

A delightful card filled with luck for the new year. Best wishes to you in the new year!

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hi, Mike! What a great postcard. I just wanted to stop by and to wish you a Happy New Year! ~ Kathy M.

Susan Kelly said...

Yes, this is a terrific postcard, Mike. I believe I knew that Germans considered pigs to be lucky. Seems the Austrians did too.

tony said...

Hey Mike,
Wishing you all the best for 2019
Best Wishes from Tony.


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