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06 October 2017

Do you ever have one of those days
that leaves you dumbfounded for words?

When terrible news
hits you in the face
with such force
that you are stunned
for something to say?

There must be a word for that feeling.


In 1904 affection, love, and maybe consolation
led Germaine Perriolat to send a thousand caresses
to Gaston Perriotlat, an electrician
who lived in Espelette,
a commune in southwest France
in the department of the Basses-Pyrénées.

* * *

Sometimes the bad news is enough
to give you a stomachache
trying to understand
the reasons why.

Hermann Funke,
das bergische Unikum
the Rarity from Bergisches Land
(North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany)
knew what that felt like in 1908.

* * *

The pain becomes
almost unbearable agony.
A complaint that gripped
Emil Reimer
der Urkomische
the Hilarious
with great discomfort.

But there was a lot
to complain about
in October 1917.

* * *

No matter the reason
it feels so unfair, so unjust,
that you just want to cry.

A sentiment shared with Fräulein Marie Krist
who lived in Wien, Austria in 1902.

Since ancient times
comedy mirrors the twin face of tragedy.
Suffering brings grief
but laughter gives us balance
to endure the never-ending cycle of life.

We live in difficult times.
Try to be of good cheer.

This is my contribution to Sepia Saturday
where maybe someone else has more to say.


Kristin said...

Look at the ears on both of those guys!

La Nightingail said...

And sometimes the news is so overwhelming, so non-understandable, you just sit there with no expression whatsoever because you have no idea what to think.

Mollys Canopy said...

These are wonderful! Amazing what folks would put on postcards back then, although I guess it was just their version of Facebook. My post this week features a picture of my grandmother and her siblings -- also a postcard. I am endlessly amazed that you are able to find such interesting items to post!

Jo Featherston said...

I must admit I rather dread hearing the news these days! We have something in common in our blogs this week, because Solingen, the German town where I stayed as an exchange student, is part of the area known as Das Bergishe Land, as referred to your second postcard.

tony said...

I will spend my week in front of a mirror practicing those!

Barbara Rogers said...

Indeed a mix of emotions. I don't see anyone as angry as I was this week, however. Maybe I should practice that face and take selfies. Nah!

ScotSue said...

I know how many of these men must have been feeling - I have been at screening point with my IPad this week, which has frozen me out, with issues over signing in, passwords, passcodes etc that are beyond my knowledge. I hope my expert IT advisor has more luck and restores my expression to a less panicky, more amendable look!


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