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Mike Brubaker
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The Ladies of Wien

28 November 2014

The young ladies of Wien

are unlike girls of Berlin.

Their music has charms

but their faces alarm.

They are so much better
when heard and not seen.

Die Wiener Damenkapelle
The Viennese Ladies Band

A postcard from Wien – Vienna, circa 1910
of a seven member "ladies" band/orchestra and their bandmaster.
All their individual first names are written over the band's name.
Notice that they all wear wristwatches too.

This is my contribution to Sepia Saturday
where everything is not what it seems.


Alex Daw said...

Such finely turned ankles....

Jo Featherston said...

Hmmm - truth will out, and those wigs are not terribly convincing.

Postcardy said...

Cute verse. I didn't realize they weren't ladies until I read the comments. Maybe "Laddies of Wien."

Teresa Wilson Rogers said...

OMG! I just spit out my coffee all over my desk! It was all over when I scrolled to the "but their faces alarm!" Very funny post Mike!

Pat Ball Morrison said...

They do look rather ferociously austere..who would dare step in their way....a challenge to the spitting camels on Wendy's post today! Those ladies mean business ( double entendre)

Barbara Rogers said...

What lovelies, and hopefully their musical output was better than their attempt at femininity! But hoorah for men who embrace their feminine side anyway!

Brett Payne said...

What fun! Were you able to decipher any of their names?

Mike Brubaker said...

Sorry, Brett. The script is in one hand but is far beyond my understanding of Austro-German Namenclature :-). I'm afraid they must remain "ladies" of mystery.

Anonymous said...

Discrimination ! Discrimination ! Judging the ladies by their looks ! Thanks for starting my day with a good laugh, Well done.

Susanna Rosalie said...

Your post is so funny!

I could make out two names:

3rd from left ALBRECHT

5th from left GERT

Susanna Rosalie said...

One more name:

4th from left SCHORSCH/SCHOSCH
(short for Georg)

Mike Brubaker said...

Thanks again Susanna. I guessed at those first two but was unsure. I wonder if the names were written by one of the musicians years later and he/she had trouble remembering the one name scratched out.

La Nightingail said...

The French horn player isn't too bad. Would look good either way I suspect. Fun post.

Little Nell said...

Very funny mike. These would match our dancing groups from earlier this year.

Wendy said...

They must have had their arms waxed.


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