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Mike Brubaker
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Boxed into a Corner

16 October 2015

"Now if everyone will just look over there," pointed the photographer.

"Very nice, ladies. Keep as close together as you can
and avoid looking at the flash pan."

"No, girls. I don't think that's a spider."

"Yes, I'll make plenty of copies for you to give to your fellas."

"Okay, please don't move. One ... two ... three."
The camera's shutter snapped
as the room was suddenly illuminated in a bright light.

* * *

Ten ladies of a small orchestra stand patiently with
their cornets, valve trombone, flute, drums,
violins, cello, and double bass in the corner of a small room,
which is decorated with fancy carpet and fine lace curtains.
Their cabinet photograph has no marks or identification
for time, place, or names.
Perhaps 1900s. Maybe somewhere in America.
But they must remain anonymous.
All we are left with is a mystery. 

Just what did they see up on the parlor wall?

This is my contribution to Sepia Saturday
click the link to see what everyone is looking at.


Jo Featherston said...

Whatever it was, the older lady in the apron looks a bit concerned, and the girl in front on the left looks alarmed, but the others seem happy enough - certainly a spider is quite a plausible possibility!

Little Nell said...

Whatever it was it made one of the ladies look away.They look thoroughly bored don’t they? I bet they’d much rather be playing their instruments - then I expect it would be their own faces that would light up!

Lorraine Phelan said...

They're all looking left except for one. I wonder what she is looking at to the right.

Deb Gould said...

There's always a rebel, eh? Everybody looking to the right (giving us the left side of their faces) except for The Rebel...wonder if she got any grief from the others when the shot was developed? Love those curtains!


I'm with Lorraine!!
One looked in a different direction....
Perfect selection for this week!!

Anonymous said...

It's quite unusual to see one of the ladies in gingham. I presume it is an apron but it is shaped and seamed in a way I wouldn't expect an apron to be It has made me curious.

Karen S. said...

Amazing how well you pull out a wonderful magical, musical rendition which in this case matches our theme photo nearly perfect! Looking off to the side really is defined.

Postcardy said...

Most of the ladies don't look very happy about having their picture taken. I only noticed one smile, and the lady with her head tilted looks especially unhappy with the situation.

Kristin said...

I wonder if the one looking right, thought she was looking left and did not have time to change before the picture was taken. They do look bored.

La Nightingail said...

I can hear the photographer now: "Your OTHER right, Jolene! Your OTHER . . . oh, never mind. And what are YOU smiling at, Loretta?" SNAP. (sigh)

Howard said...

Brilliant picture Mike. What sort of music would they have been making? I can't envisage chamber music with brass and drums. Jazz or Ragtime, maybe? - no. Patriotic marches or stirring religious tunes? perhaps more likely.

Rosie said...

Great post, you could repeat it for this week's upcoming prompt, women with musical instruments.....

Wendy said...

You would think that the photographer would have instructed the one gal to straighten that curtain.


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