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Mike Brubaker
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Only Three Brothers

26 January 2018

Raymond on Piano.

Kenneth on Violin.

Milton with Cornet.

Only three Brothers.

A very large 8" x 10"  faded grainy photo
on heavy olive drab card stock.
No photographer's logo. No place. No date.
Except for the first names of the three boys
no other identification.

Just some pictures
of other brothers
or maybe the same brothers.

Gas lights, button top shoes, knickers.
Sometime around 1900?

Their mother enjoyed hearing them play.

This is my contribution to Sepia Saturday
where nothing ever gets swept under the carpet.


La Nightingail said...

The parlor is so typical of the time - all the rugs and throw rugs and the tassled drape over the top of the piano. The difference in the ages of the boys is interesting. I dated a fellow who was an only child for 12 years. Then his parents moved from Texas to California and had 3 more children in a row! Hmmm? :)

Postcardy said...

I wonder why it says "only" three brothers?

Wendy said...

And those round photos!
Both of my great-grandmothers' homes had that little parlor off the living room. I don't get it. The 2 rooms are wide open to each other. No privacy. What was the point?

Barbara Rogers said...

They may have lit the room with gas, but that photo had quite a good flash for it, reflected just a bit on the window glass. Excellent capture of furnishings.

Mollys Canopy said...

That's quite an impressive room -- the rugs, the tasseled piano scarf, the potted fern, those photos on the wall and piano all add to this musical setting. The photographer has captured many interesting details. I would say late 1800s. I wonder what they were playing?

tony said...

And ,of course, not a Studio Photograph.Suggesting it was taken by/intended for ,a family ?
Not a 'promotional ' photo.
Interesting Mystery!

Kristin said...

I wonder if there was a between the oldest boy and the two younger. Or if one brother had died. Or if there was a second marriage.


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