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Mike Brubaker
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Violins of France

17 October 2020

For melodious tunes and songs so sweet
virtuosoi of Italy just can't be beat.

While the brazen violins of Hungary and Austria
will play dances so fast it will surely exhaust ya.


But there's none to compare for brash reckless romance
than the fearless young fiddlers of France!

* * *


These two young acrobatic musicians
prove that the violin,
a difficult instrument to play
even with the best posture,
can be made even more challenging
if one twists their mind around it.

The boy and presumably his older sister
appear on an undated postcard with the singular title
Les French.

The card was printed in Dijon, France,
the city of fine mustard,
and is similar to postcards of French entertainers
from around 1908-1920.

I wonder if the duo ever played cellos too.



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Barbara Rogers said...

Very cute, and clever rhyme. Even more clever children (probably egged on by parents!) NOOO on the concept of cellos!

Wendy said...

I guess every act needs a gimmick. Brave girl to let a brother sit on her head.

kathy said...

Wonder how long they kept this up? At some point, they may have had to change places. Fun photo!

Susan said...

Such silliness is worthy of a Norman Rockwell painting.

La Nightingail said...

Watching the violinist/fiddlers on the "Riverdance" DVDs and other like shows with active bowers, I'm amazed at how they can dance and jig their way around all the while playing their instruments without missing a note. A Scottish fiddler I watched in a show once, energetically stomping around as he played, said if yer socks don't fall doon, ye arena playin' right. His socks were bunched at his ankles by the time he was through playing. :)

ScotSue said...

I wondered about the way the girl was posed to play the violin, but your third photograph came as a complete surprise. A great fun post with the witty rhymes.

Molly's Canopy said...

I was also surprised by the final photo -- wasn't expecting the acrobatic pose with violins! I wonder how many times they had to try that pose before the camera caught the best shot.

Virginia Allain said...

I saw a movie the other night called "Mozart's Sister" and learned of their touring Europe as children performing in many places.


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