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The first post.

14 December 2009

This is a photo of Adolf Ådel, a Waldhornist with the band of the Hälsingland Regiment of the Swedish Army. His name and information were written in ink on the back of this small carte de visite photo which is dated 1896. I think Adolf is no more than 15 years old and perhaps as young as 13. His instrument is a piston valve horn similar to the French style horns used at this time. Note that he has sword at his side.

The photographer is S. Petterson from Söderhamn, which is in the east central province of Hälsingland, Sweden.

Searching the web brought up a site devoted to Swedish military uniforms and there I found a similar period photograph of a regular soldier with the same crest on the shako. His  regiment's motto is "Fasthet, Förmåga, Förtroende" ~ "Solidity, Ability, Confidence", a good slogan for a musician.

04 May 2018

This week I found some records on for a man named Per Adolf Olof Ådel born in 1881. The documents date from 1881 to 1918 and of course are in Swedish, which is not my language. But the name agrees in part with the name Adolf Ådel that is on this photograph. More importantly a marriage record from 1909 has the title musikkorporal before his name. 

There is a Swedish birth record for Per Adolf Olof indicating his birth on 21 July 1881 in the town of Söderala, Gävleborg, Sweden to father, Lars Olof Ädel, and mother, Lena Olsdotter. This would make the young bandsman in the photo age 15 which was my original guess.  Swedish tradition uses a patronymic name convention. There was also something called a "soldiers name" which may account for the surname difference too. 

In 1909 Adolf wed a woman named Edla Kristina Ogren, birth date 09 June 1882. There are two different pages to what I believe was an official marriage registry for 1909, and in both documents Adolf has musikkorporal next to his name. 

Sadly there is fourth document, a death record for  Per Adolf Olof Ådel, age 37, who died 02 Oct 1918 in Bräcke, Jämtland, Sweden. 

If any reader knows more about the family history Adolf Ådel. Please contact me through my email address found on the sidebar, or leave a comment below.

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