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Mike Brubaker
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A Ladies Band

28 January 2010

Another mystery group of young ladies who sport very impressive hats and bows. Very few clues on the date or place. In the background just on the right, is a vintage car that looks from 1910-1915. Unfortunately the edge cuts off seeing the radiator cap for a better identification. Of course the car might be 10 years old when the photo was taken, but the style of dress suggests pre-WWI. Note the woman in the center back row has fixed her hat on with a hat pin that looks about 12 inch long!

Most of the women are smiling and they seem like a confident and fun ensemble. Ladies (and girls too) were part of the boom in community bands from 1880 to 1920. Most had one gentleman to act as leader and teacher, though a few were completely run by women. Bands like this one probably competed with a men's band from the the same town. This photo has the look of summer. The window in the background left looks to be a stained glass design so perhaps this is on a church street. Imagine the music they made.

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