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Mike Brubaker
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A Horn Player of West Kent

21 April 2010

Meet George, a bandsman and horn player of the British army. He sent this postcard photo in an envelope (so no postmark) to his "Auntie" perhaps just after passing his basic training period. Since of course his aunt would know him, he didn't think to add his last name - history's misfortune. George looks to be about 16 or 17, certainly not 20. But there are other clues here.

The uniform is British army about 1915-1918. On the front of his cap is a distinctive badge of a stallion rampant. This is the emblem of The Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment.
On his right shoulder is rank badge of a bandsman. His instrument is a piston valve horn typical of the British musical style at this time. Note the shine!
The photographer left his mark on the lower left corner - Lewis, photo.. Maid.. .  The Royal West Kent Regiment has their official museum in Maidstone in Kent. maidstone museum

Here is a badge closeup.

The armies of the world seem to have invested a great deal in art & design departments to make unique symbols and uniforms of each military group. But who knew that such effort would make it easier for history detectives.

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