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Mike Brubaker
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Bands for All Seasons

16 February 2018


* * *




Flemmings Famous Kid Concert Band
from Sedan, Kansas.
The youngest band in the United States.
A high class entertainment.

Arkansas City KS Daily Traveler
23 December 1912

* * *


 The Famous Boys Band
of Burlingame, Kansas


Addressed to Guy L. Mitchell
of Newton, KS

Dec. 9. 1912.
Dear Guy.
The bread we can
get here and I know of
nothing now that we want
from there.  You  I want
you should get me a brace
for my book case either there
or in K.C.  If you come in
sleep in the room you did
with love.  Naettie.

* * *


* * *

The boys bands for Summer and Spring
are not identified or dated,
so their season is only a guess,
but they likely date from 1910 to 1915.

In 1910 the population of Sedan, KS was 1,211.
It was founded in 1871
and named for the Battle of Sedan,
a decisive conflict of the 1870 Franco-Prussian War
which resulted in the defeat of Emperor Napoleon III
and victory for the new confederation of North German States.
Burlingame, KS was established in 1855
and was a bit larger in 1910 at 1,422 citizens.

This is my contribution to Sepia Saturday
where everyone is getting wet this weekend.


Molly's Canopy said...

I actually love those summer "uniforms" -- such a contrast to the pomp and formality of cold-weather band outfits. Also partial to the post card -- it reads almost like today's email, although amazing to think folks could wait a few days between send and response back then!

Sandra Williamson said...

Some of those children look very young, particularly to be traveling around in a band. I wonder how much of a handful they were for the adults traveling with them. Great images.

Jofeath said...

I hope the boys had fun and enjoyed playing music together more than they were allowed to show in these photos and that their lives were not too strictly regimented.

La Nightingail said...

Four seasons of bands! Nicely done. But I was surprised you didn't have pix of bands playing by the water somewhere? When we lived in the subdivision of Pine Mountain Lake we used to go down to the lake on particular summer evenings and listen to bands performing on the beach while we enjoyed a picnic dinner. Fun food, lovely scenery, and music to make the evening perfect. :)

Postcardy said...

It's too bad we don't have bands like that now.

Alex Daw said...

I'm with Postcardy. Just imagine how much fun that would be.

Wendy said...

"Soul Kiss"?? Aren't those boys too young for that? What does it even mean? AND who the heck is Uncle Josh? And how did he make people "boys again"? I hope there will be a sequel to this story.

JohnF said...

My daughter is about ready to start sixth grade band. She will love these photos.

Barbara Rogers said...

Oh my, getting boys to stand still, rehearse, play music...a challenge I'm sure. And of course they grew up to be men who played in bands, don't cha think?


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