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La Mouche - The Fly

23 March 2018

La Mouche
The Fly

En vain je grimace et je louche.
Je n'intimde pas la mouche 
In vain I grimace and I squint.
I do not intimidate the fly

Qui se pose sur mon piton,
Elle va, vient, pass et repasse, 
That settles on my peak,
It goes, comes, passes and repasses,

Descend, monte, parcourt ma face,
S'envole et revient au menton!

Descends, goes up, runs through my face,
Fly away and returns to the chin!


A humorous French postcard
sent to Monsieur Champlon of Pantin,
a commune in the northeastern suburbs of Paris
in May 1904.

This is my contribution to Sepia Saturday
where the color of the day is white.


Wendy said...

Oh those French! They did some funny cards.

smkelly8 said...

What facial expressions! The Mouche is terrific.

Molly's Canopy said...

What an entertaining postcard! Reminds me of the time I was at the movies and a fly got into the projector. Everyone though the giant, onscreen mouche was part of the movie...until five minutes went by :-)

Barbara Rogers said...

A.G. certainly was talented with facial expressions! What a fun postcard to send to a friend!

La Nightingail said...

Postcards back then had real character as opposed to what passes for humor (in some cases) on postcards today. I wonder what folks collecting postcards from today's offing a hundred years or so from now will think of ours? And incidentally, this has nothing to do with your present post, but I came across something about a serpent horn the other day - said horn having several bells? Unfortunately, there was no picture of it. Do you have one of such an instrument?


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